Featherstone & District Community First Responders

What Do We Do?

All Healthcare Trusts are required to meet 75% of all category "A" 999 calls within 8 minutes, however, because of the logistics involved, the closest ambulance may take longer than that to arrive.  A community responder responds within their own community, therefore in theory at least, should be "on-scene" within the 8 minutes.

It is recognised that the first 8 minutes of certain life threatening incidents are paramount to full recovery, more than 8 minutes and the patients chances of a full recovery reduce dramatically. 

It is our job to assist the Ambulance service with emergency calls.  Whilst on duty we await a call from the Ambulance Control Centre, this call will inform us of the location of the patient and the reported complaint.  The controller can see our location on their computer due to a tracking device we have fitted to it, because of this they can see if we are the closest resource to the location.  usually we arrive on scene first; this results in us having to assess the complaint and start any treatment that may be necessary and within our remit.  Once the professional medic arrives, we hand over our findings and then assist the Paramedic or Crew where necessary.

The type of ailments that we are called to are exactly the same as a professional ambulance person, these can be anything from broken bones to heart attacs to childbirth; the only things we are currently unable to attend are motorway accidents and calls to the local prison.